About Me

I’m a mom raising a big family, trying to appreciate all that life has to offer.  Our big family is me, Alyssa Tabacca, my husband and the love of my life Nick, and our 5 wonderful children: Sophia, Lucas, Lily “the Goat”, Grace “BooBoo”, and William.  Our family is big and kind of loud, but we love each other fiercely.


Our life is a little different because my husband is a college football coach.  This career defines the way we live.  We spend a lot of time sitting in stadiums and cheering on our team, and we’re living in our 5th home and 3rd state in 13 years.  But we wouldn’t change it for the world.


Football Life is busy, so when we get a little time together we try to adventure BIG.  We take our kids camping and hiking, and try new things from ocean kayaking to rollerskating.  We don’t want to miss out on experiencing the world just because we have a big family.  I like to think the experience is a little sweeter because we have our best friends by our sides.


From the sports practices to dance rehearsals, from the mountains to the sea, I’ll be here Driving the Big Van and sharing the stories!

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