Here’s to February

Growing up in Indiana, where February was cold, gray and never seemed to end, I never would have guessed that this short little month would someday become one of my favorites. Here in North Carolina February is as likely to bring sunshine and warmth as most any other month and occasionally will pop in with a surprise snow that lasts one day, shuts down school, delights my kids, and then melts away before we have time to hate it. My daffodils are blooming. My magnolia tree has buds forming and ready for spring. The sun is shining brightly outside and promising even warmer days ahead.

The sports that keep our life moving are in a beautiful season. This year the NCAA has decided to make February a “dead period” for recruiting. What does that mean? It means my husband comes home from work every evening and sleeps right here in our own house! Winter conditioning is in swing for the team, and so I get lots of hype videos to delight my kids and excite us for the season to come. For our oldest son, this winter was the first year he played basketball. He was nervous that he had already missed the age when it was acceptable to start a new sport, (Seriously. What have we done to youth sports that a 10 year old feels like he may have missed his prime?) but I signed him up anyway. He has loved it, and I have loved the gentle opportunity to say “I told you so”. But basketball is an indoor sport and at this age it is a time commitment of only 2 hours a week. I can do that. We have started the gentle ease into baseball and softball season. A practice here and there. Hitting into the net in the backyard. This is my low-stress sports sweet spot.

School hasn’t given way to the craziness of end of the year projects and activities just yet. (Although we do have a solar system and a tri-fold display adorning the dining room and waiting for their due date…but it’s been pretty laid back around here so they are really just waiting on finishing touches.) All in all, this February life is pretty good.

I mentioned back in January that I had decided to face this year with month-by-month goals rather than full year resolutions, and so I’ve passed into month two. The whole family decided to participate in the 30 day push up challenge I found, which has been fun. I think it’s good to occasionally remind the children that Mom and Dad are still able to hold their own at some feats. I have been trying to cut back my time using my phone…or rather cut down my time mindlessly scrolling my phone. I decided to shoot for dropping my weekly usage average each week of the month. I will not tell you what those numbers look like because that is still pretty humbling. Those little hand held time suckers have a way of soaking up extra time!

My attempt to get the master bathroom organized and updated during the month of February has so far led to complete upheaval of all of our bathroom space, two holes in the wall, and the waiting game of home repair known as “being on the schedule”. I had removed everything from under our sinks in order to have the new faucets installed. This process led to the piling of all of those items in the doorway of our closet. My husband diplomatically observed that he wasn’t sure he was a fan of my new system. It only took me about another week to get things put back where they go. I’m looking forward to having a finished project, but in the meantime I am enjoying a fully functioning shower and a closet door that opens. It’s the little things.

So as we finish up this first week of February, and I take a little time to write…another of my February goals…I’m thankful for this little month and it’s gentle transition into Spring. I am thankful for the sunshine and the little glimpses of what’s to come. And mostly I am thankful that January finally said farewell.

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